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01Focus on laser cutting equipment

Many years of experience in laser cutting equipment, can provide you with a full set of optimization solutions

  • laser cutter.
  • The products are put into use in large quantities, and the quality is highly recognized by customers.
  • Can provide laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine and other laser cutting equipment solutions.

02 Reliable product quality and high cost performance

The core parts are pure imported parts

  • The company was founded in 2006, and is a Chinese manufacturer of optical, mechanical and electrical high-tech equipment.
  • High standard supply chain system.
  • Customizable, highly integrated, and cost-effective.

03Professional , efficient and quality service

Senior technical staff, professional service process

  • Professional "after-sales service team" provides efficient pre-sales service.
  • 24-hour service hotline: 13798818388.
  • High market share, sufficient spare parts, can respond to urgent orders.

04Frank , Open, Passionate

We only pursue reasonable profits and are willing to win-win with customers for a long time.

  • We only pursue reasonable profits and are willing to win-win with customers for a long time.
  • Integrity management, field visits are welcome.
  • Encourage teamwork and practice teamwork.

Dongguan Dahan Laser Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, research and development, and sales. After years of innovation in laser technology, the company has introduced German technology and adopted advanced foreign Accessories! Let our equipment have stable performance, long life, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, and good beam quality. Especially the metal laser cutting technology ranks among the best in Asia in terms of cutting thickness and cutting speed.

After several years of technology introduction, digestion, absorption and industrialization, Dahan Laser has successfully developed a series of products such as laser cutting machines, metal laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines, and CNC laser cutting machines. The R & D, design and production of each device are technical ...

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Use exquisite samples to prove our strength
  • 激光切割样品
  • 激光切割样品
  • 激光切割样品
  • 激光切割样品
  • 激光切割样品
  • 激光切割样品
  • 激光切割样品
  • 激光切割样品
更多 Frequently Asked Questions
  • The importance of the Q exhibition for the development of the laser cutting machine industry

    A In the laser equipment industry, there are many exhibitions on laser cutting machines every year, but what is the true meaning and necessity of the exhibition? First, because domestic laser technology is not very mature compared to foreign countries, the exchange performance of the exhibition Let major manufacturers discover their own shortcomings and technical loopholes, and at the same time, they can communicate with manufacturers to develop higher-end products. Second, let more people know about laser equipment through the exhibition. Knowing the huge role of laser cutting machines in the industry can help them improve productivity and achieve more perfect quality products. Third, let our laser equipment
  • Q Which brand of laser welding machine is worth choosing?

    A laser welding machine has very good working efficiency, and can also achieve better welding results, avoid affecting the aesthetics of the finished product, and ensure higher production and processing accuracy. Naturally, it is widely used in industrial environments. Can play a more comprehensive advantage to meet the needs of everyone in the first trial process, it is recommended that you need to choose a reasonable laser welding machine brand. 1. Many comparisons and considerations Because there are so many brands of laser welding machines, it is recommended that you must be able to make reasonable comparisons so that you can have better pertinence when choosing a brand and understand the characteristics and advantages of various brands. Knot
  • QHow to choose a laser cutting machine?

    A laser cutting machine has its own selection criteria in the middle of the entire selection process. In fact, once we choose this equipment, we must determine the final production range, and according to the processing materials or cutting Effective selection of thickness, only in this way can determine the number of procurement equipment or related machine models, make relevant preparations for subsequent procurement work, how to choose a laser cutting machine, there will be more selection criteria in this regard . 1> Fine cutting When buying a laser cutting machine, you must also look at their cutting fineness. Basically,
  • Several advantages of Q inventory fiber laser cutting machine

    As a widely used and very advanced cutting equipment in the industrial field, fiber laser cutting machine can play a very good use advantage, can bring a better experience in terms of functional characteristics, so it will be widely used in industrial environments. It can meet the various cutting needs of everyone in the work process, and will be better protected in terms of cutting accuracy. 1. Non-pollution and noise small fiber laser cutting machine has very fast working efficiency and relatively high autonomous working ability. It will not cause any pollution and material waste during the use process, and it will not cause particularly loud noise. It will be good
  • Q Why is laser cutting machine widely used?

    The application of A laser cutting machine has begun to be widely promoted, and it has played a very important advantage in various industries. It also has a safer effect in the process of use. The following introduces the functional effects of laser cutting machine As well as the characteristic advantages, it is convenient for everyone to understand the characteristics of this cutting machine and bring better results during use. 1. Stable performance Use safer The reason why the laser cutting machine can be used instead of the traditional cutting machine is that it is very safe during use, and the performance advantage is particularly stable, and subsequent maintenance costs are particularly low. Able to make big

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